Devolux®, born in 2017, has
been vigorously engaged in
the development, production
and marketing of PLLA filler
and now became a specialized
manufacturer and supplier in
PLLA filler.
Devolux® is located in Hebei,
China, and has obtained
GMP from KFDA. Devolux®
is fully operating its sterilized
production line to guarantee
safety and reliability.
Devolux®’s products are now
shipping to Europe, America,
Southeast Asia etc and customers
always comment with voice of
satisfaction. Devolux® is
committed to continuous service to
world clients with newest products
in brand-new technology.
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Why Devolux™ ?
  • CE & ISO-Certified
Devolux™ is certified by CE & ISO for its safety and reliability.
  • Safe Raw Materials
Devolux™ is composed of synthetic, biodegradable microparticle beads of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), raw material is very safe.
  • Fast Dissolving
With GranCross Technology™, Devolux™ can be fully diluted within 5 minutes.
  • Longer Duration
The lasting time of Devolux™ is proven to be more than two years.
  • Natural Effect
Restore a smoother, firming skin while maintaining a full range of expression.
How does Devolux™ Work?
Where to Use Devolux™ ?
Devolux™ is optimal for correcting deep creases/wrinkles and folds in the face/body that occur over time. Areas treated include:
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