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Aqua Secret Smoocy

Injection site: deep dermis and/or subcutaneous surface HA concentration: 20mg/ml Syringe capacity: 10ml Duration: 12-18 months Approximate number of gel particles ml: 100,000 Particle size (mm): 0.28~0.50 Recommended correction degree: 100% without over-correction Origin of HA: Non-animal Storage: room temperature

Dermax Co., Ltd. : Aqua Secret Smoocy                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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Macrolite formulas are made of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid found everywhere in the body. Macrolite is used for breast augmentation and buttock augmentation with a long lasting result of 12-18 months.

MESHARE (high-density mesh structure) patented technology

The high-purity hyaluronic acid fermented by microorganisms forms a high-density network structure through MESHARE patented technology, which ensures Revisage dual advantages of high viscosity and high elasticity. Thus can maintain a uniform stability and extend the strong shaping effect during time .

The main function of CuttingEdge technology is to remove the impurities of the noncross-linked hyaluronic sodium and residual BDDE to achieve no BDDE residue.

Ennclean is membrane separation technology to remove substances like proteins, nucleic acids, and endotoxins which causes inflammation and fever in the human body effectively.

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Aqua Secret Smoocy comes 2pcs needle and a set of Sutux blunt tip microcannula , provides variety ways for injection.

With Cozysculpt blunt tip microcannula under the patient skin so that the filer can be applied with partically no pain or bruising for the patients.

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Why Aqua Secret Smoocy

Enhance reshaping

Natural and smooth

Safe and Effective

Minimum BDDE

Simple operation and comfortable feeling

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Comany Information

Dermax Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology enterprise specialized in the research, production and sale of aesthetic products. The establishment of professional technical team, GMP production plant, complete and strict testing system has guaranteed stable and advanced manufacturing technique. The high quality, integrity and global marketing network enable our company to win high praise home and abroad including in Europe, America, Southeast Asia etc.