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Asymmetrical face? Try botulinum toxin!

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Many doctors have reported that they often encounter some customers who require injection of botulinum toxin to adjust their face shape in their clinical work, and many of them want to adjust their facial asymmetry.

When we meet such customers, the first step is to confirm whether their facial asymmetry is skeletal or muscular. It is not necessary to have surgery for those with large bones, but the difficulty of adjusting the face shape may increase because of this. To achieve complete symmetry or most of the symmetry, it may be necessary to adjust the injection more than once.

So how do you differentiate between the two cases? Here is a little tip to tell you that if the face is asymmetrical due to bone problems, most clients will not only involve the size of the masseter muscle, but even their eyebrows/cheekbones are high and low;Seeing whether the upper face is symmetrical can sometimes help us determine the cause of the asymmetry of the face.

Bite force contributed significantly to masseter hypertrophy, and the maximum bite force was significantly reduced after botulinum toxin injection. Botulinum toxin denervates muscles, reduces bite force, and ultimately reduces muscle volume and thickness, and is therefore widely used to treat masseter hypertrophy.

Unilateral botulinum toxin injection can effectively treat facial asymmetry caused by unilateral masseter hypertrophy. This unilateral injection technique can correct facial asymmetry of muscle rather than bone origin.

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Asymmetrical face Try botulinum toxin



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