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Double needle thread


Double Needle Thread

The Dmpdofiller Double Screw thread has two strands of monfilament thread wound around a needle with a grip part as well as retention thread.

The benefit of threads with Double needle

The physician can by hand manage every millimetre of the trajectory of the needle through the client, which ultimately gives a symmetrical result on the face or body of the patients. 

This is really vital for our companions given that the asymmetry of changes is just one of one of the most regular problems about adjustments executed by cosmetologists.

Double needle Pdo thread The unique architectural line and u-sudden lifting play an all-round role in the regional lifting capability of brows, which is practically comparable to the little skin pulling operation. 

Double needle brow lifting thread 360 ° two-way lifting, and thick thread body is embraced at the same time, which can last for a long time. 

Double needle thread is widely made use of. Double needle threads are often used on the forehead to effectively lift the eyebrow and canthus and face, naturally shaping. Make the skin a lot more best.

The double needle is adopted by strong lifting ability and long-lasting maintenance.





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