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Let's talk about Meditoxin

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When it comes to Botulinum Toxin, I have to mention Meditoxin .

Meditoxin, one of the Botulinum Toxins is produced by Pacific pharmaceutical company of Korea, ranking the fourth in the world.

Lets talk about Meditoxin (1)

As a product completely relying on Korean domestic technology, this product has the same effect as Botox, which is used to remove wrinkles and improve skin wrinkles. Its packaging is mainly 100 units, and recently there are 20 units of packaging on the market. It has the largest market share in South Korea and also exports to foreign countries. It is mainly suitable for facial wrinkles, square face and facial lifting.

Lets talk about Meditoxin (2)

The main features of Meditoxin: It's the most common in Korean hospitals. It works fast, but it lasts for a short time.

Lets talk about Meditoxin (3)

As we all know, Meditoxin is a neurotoxin, which can block the release of acetylcholine after injection into the local area, thus blocking the nerve conduction to the muscle. Injection into the facial expression lines can paralyze the muscle and make the neuroflesh lose its ganglion, so as to achieve a good wrinkle removal effect.

Lets talk about Meditoxin (4)

The duration of its maintenance effect is related to the dosage, usage, the technique of the injection doctor and the individual quality of the patients. Because it won't stay in the body for a long time, it won't cause great harm to the body. In short, it's worth a try.


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