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PDO Thread

PDO Threads is one of one of the most cutting-edge therapies to lift loose skin without surgical procedure. As we age, the effects of gravity become more noticeable on our faces, particularly as our facial assistance structure compromises as well as we lose face fat. The locations that are normally affected are the eyebrows, locations around the eyes, the cheeks, the dewlaps, and also the neck. The outcome is a much longer, more square-shaped, as well as older-looking face.

Types of pdo threads

Barbed threads- (lifting threads)

These threads have tiny barbs tactically put and also built throughout the string. As soon as the threads are placed into the skin, the barbs anchor onto sagging skin, and also the string can be steered to attain a naturally lifted as well as specified appearance. The Magik Thread PDO is made via an ingenious patented modern technology where the barbs are press-molded on the surface of the thread to maintain its structural stability, making it reliable for effective lifting. These strings are typically positioned in the face and neck to deal with sagging skin, smile lines and jowls. They can additionally raise the eyebrows as well as tip of the nose.

Smooth & twist threads- (collagen stimulation)

These threads are small and also smooth. These can be put anywhere on the body where collagen stimulation and also skin firm is needed. One of the most common locations are under the chin, smile lines, lip lines, neck lines, upper body, knees, arms, as well as legs. Multiple treatments, spaced three months apart are required for best results.

Magik Thread PDO Thread

Product name: Magik Thread PDO Thread

Application: Skin Rejuvenation

Application areas: Face Body 

Thread Type: Smooth thread / barbed thread

Needle Type: Sharp / Blunt L / Blunt W/ Double Needle

Properties: Medical Adhesive & Suture Material

Material: PDO(polypropylene)

Workshop class: 10000 class clean room

Certificate: CE ISO

Sterile: EO Sterilezation

Package Type: EO sterilized packing /Aluminum foil bag packing

Magik Thread PDO Thread


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