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Skin whitening injection

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This complex of three beauty products can rejuvenate the skin, restore, whiten and improve its structure. The product contains powerful antioxidants that protect tissues from free radicals, detoxify the body, improve immunity, and stimulate the rejuvenation process.

Skin whitening injection

 Cinderella injection--this is how mesococktail Cindella is called by cosmetologists and clients of beauty salons. The product got this name thanks to its ability to make a complex rejuvenating effect. It lightens and tones the skin; smooths wrinkles,reduces fat deposits and improves immunity. Only one course is required to bring back lost beauty and to slow down ageing processes.


Vitamin C injection is a vitamin product for restoring and whitening skin. Across acid is a necessary organic compound for maintaining youth and beauty of body. It’s a powerful antioxidant that detoxicates the body,removes decay products, strengthens protective features of skin, protects skin from ultraviolet,prevents cancerous formations.

vitamin c

Luthione --Most whitening ingredients most obvious with the annexation of Weiss Whitening is composed together. Nutrient glutathione are numerous benefits of action at the cellular level. Cause power The youthful vitality and is an antioxidant. (Anti-oxidant) in the body will get rid of free radicals (Free radicals) that cause bad body cells deteriorate effectively. But we often do not get from eating naturally or from supplements because much was destroyed in the gut. Substance glutathione are numerous benefits by preventing the deterioration of the body. Boost the immune system And implementation of the system within the body The skin also inhibits the production of melanin, the body too much so. People who get the nutrients your skin flawless white skin look healthier or better people. our skin flawless white skin look healthier or better people.


Main advantages:

A combination of products ensures powerful synergy strengthening direct pharmacological influence whitening skin coverings in particular. 

Makes a complex influence letting dim skin become elastic, fresh and radiant again. 

It does not cause side effects; revitalizes body in general. 

It stimulates collagen synthesis and lipolysis. 

It has a long lasting prolonged effect.


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