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Talking about Botulax

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Today we are talking about Botulax, one of the four popular Botulinum Toxins in South Korea.

As we all know, Botulinum Toxin injection is very simple. For example, if you do a facial lift injection, the doctor will first disinfect the beauty seeker's face, then determine the injection site, then inject it in order and dose, and finally wipe and disinfect it with alcohol.

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Botulax also has the characteristics of little damage, no trauma, quick effect and no influence on work. Compared with the traditional surgery, it only needs to inject a certain dose of Botulinum Toxin, the whole process is only a few minutes, and basically painless.

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Let's learn more about Botulax. It is one of the Botulinum Toxins in South Korea. Its performance is very good and it is trusted by people. Moreover, the product is also sold abroad, and its market share in Japan is the first.

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Botulax is mainly used to improve the eyebrow, forehead, eye, mouth and other wrinkles. And improving muscle type square face also has excellent effect. 

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Botulax injection only takes 5 minutes, which is simple and quick, without side effects. The effect lasts for at least 6 months. After 6 months, the injection is repeated for more than two or three times. So after injection, even if the formation of wrinkles, will be significantly less than before, and the lasting effect can be expected.

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 Although the effect of Botulax is not as good as that of Meditoxin, the acid swelling feeling is lighter and the maintenance time is longer. Botulax is your best choice to keep a beautiful face.


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