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Botulinum toxin injection for forehead wrinkles

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Botulinum toxin injection for forehead wrinkles (2)

Botulinum Toxin injection for forehead wrinkles

Since botulinum toxin products entered the medical aesthetic industry, they have been quickly welcomed by many clinics because of their excellent ability to reduce wrinkles.

And Dermax as an excellent supplier of botulinum toxin products, we are also asked some questions about treatment frequently.

Such as How to do the treatment to get a better effect?Today we will give a detailed description of the treatment for forehead wrinkles.

Take a 100u botulinum toxin product as an example.

Generally, we will recommend 2ml of normal saline for dilution. This is only the recommended dilution concentration. You can also use 2.5ml/3ml for dilution.It depends on your habit

Okay, let's look at the picture. This is the most conventional injection method, subcutaneous injection.

This injection method is mainly suitable for young people.

We can see that there are two rows of points above, how to determine these two rows of points and how many units to inject at each point is the focus of this video.

Botulinum toxin injection for forehead wrinkles

First row of injection points:

Draw a horizontal line on the midline between the eyebrow and hairline, and then hit 2-3 points on each side (can be adjusted according to the actual needs of patients), our injection point in the first row is determined

Second row of injection points:

In the midline of the first row of injection points and hairline, spaced injections from the injection points in the first row, about 3 points will be okay

When injecting, you need to pay attention to the outermost point

We can see that this point is not perpendicular to the eyebrow peak, but diagonally above the eyebrow peak,

How to determine this point?

This point can be determined diagonally above the eyebrow peak, following the direction of muscle contraction and tilting 15-20 degrees.

Botulinum toxin injection for forehead wrinkles (3)

So what is the problem with vertical injection?

If we perform vertical injection, because the frontalis muscles above the eyebrows are not compeletly paralyzed, the tail of the eyebrows is prone to uplift. If this happens, you can pick another point about 2cm diagonally above the eyebrows. After a few days, this The situation will ease.

When performing subcutaneous injection, the recommended injection dosage for each point is 2.5u. If the patient's skin is too thin, when the needle is inserted vertically or obliquely, after it feels that it hits the bone, back it up a little, and then perform the injection.

This is today's introduction to conventional injection methods, which are mainly suitable for young people.

How to deal with severe skin laxity? Don't miss the next video! !

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