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  • How Much Saline For 100 Units Of Botulax
    BOTULAX is a peripheral muscle relaxant that contains purified botulinum toxin type A and sodium chloride. The mechanism of action of the product is based on the ability of botulinum toxin type A to block the transmission of nerve impulses. Intramuscular administration of the toxin disrupts the synt
  • Can You Injection filler Into Breasts
    In recent years, non-surgical methods for enhancing breast volume have gained significant popularity. Among these methods, the use of injection fillers has emerged as a promising alternative to traditional surgical procedures. One standout product in this arena is Macrolite Pro by Dermax, a dermal f
  • Comparative Analysis Of Korean Botulinum Toxin Brands: Botulax VS Nabota
    The field of aesthetic medicine has witnessed significant advancements in the use of botulinum toxin type A products for various cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Among the renowned Korean brands, Nabota, Botulax and others have gained recognition for their efficacy in minimizing facial wrinkles, t
  • How Long Does Botulax Last Once Mixed
    Botulax is supplied as a lyophilized powder, which must be reconstituted with a sterile saline solution before administration. The reconstitution process involves adding a specified amount of saline to the vial containing Botulax powder, which should be done under aseptic conditions to prevent conta
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