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26G Gauge Mono Pdo Thread

Brand Name:Hipretty
Model Number:Cog 6D W Blunt
Properties:Medical Adhesive & Suture Material
Instrument classification:Class III
Product name:PDO Thread
Application:Skin Rejuvenation
Certificate:CE ISO
Sterile:EO Sterilezation
Type:The Surface of Suture Materials
  • Hipretty

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pdo thread 19G cog 4-1 100mm (7)


Product Introduction


PDO is an abbreviation of polydioxanone which widely used as surgery stitch thread and it is very safe to human body. As a colorless biodegradable synthetic polymer, it is a monofilament, so hydrolyzed in body and then naturally excreted by urine. PDO procedure leads to mechanotransduction within skin by forming vector among the threads. This treatment is featured with high safety, adjustability, short-term response. Once the thread is absorbed, the collagens starts to grow and this will be last 2 years at most.

product description

Hipretty Thread Lift is the latest and revolutionary treatment for skin tightening and lifting as well as V-line lifting.It is made of PDO (Polydioxanone) material so naturally absorb in the skin and continuously stimulate collagen aynthesis.

product description

Our Advantages

Hipretty Thread barb is long and smooth Easy to hang on the  skin and lasting longer time.

Other company’s barb is so short and curly. Difficult to hang on the skin and shorter duration.

Hipretty Thread distance is 1.5mm, more barb on each cog thread. More easy to catch the skin tissues and better effect.

Other’s company barb distance is 1.8mm,less barb on each cog thread.

Strict control systems for humidity ensures strong  tensile strength of PDO thread, which is 0.84kg of 3 pieces cog 3D in tension test.

 Hipretty thread cannula is smooth and tube wall is clean. It’s easy to insert into skin and reduce pain for patient.

Other company cannula tip is crude and there are some burrs on the tube wall. Difficult to insert into skin and increase pain for patient.

our advantages

Hipretty thread Aluminum goil bag is 0.28mm. it’s thicker and can prevent moisture and air effectively. Threads shelf life is longer.

Other company Aluminum foil bag is 0.244mm. It’s thin. Can not prevent moisture and aie effectively. Thread shelf life is shorter.

Hipretty thread PDO suture is imported from the biggest Korea suture conpany-samyang. It can be completely absorbed 100% safe.

Company Information

Dingmiao Technology Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology enterprise specialized in the research, production and sale of aesthetic products. The establishment of professional technical team, GMP production plant, complete and strict testing system has guaranteed stable and advanced manufacturing technique. The high quality, integrity and global marketing network enable our company to win high praise home and abroad including in Europe, America, Southeast Asia etc.

PDO Thread Wholesale (3)

Packing & Shipping


  1. We have a large amount of stock in stock and will ship it to you immediately after payment.

   2.Special package is available referring to your requirements

PDO Thread Wholesale


Q:I have fine lines on forehead, which type is the best type for it?

A: We suggest Mono 29G 38mm.

Q: Can I use the filler together with the pdo thread?

A:PDO threads can be used alone or in combination with other aesthetic treatments, e.g., hyaluronic acid fillers, botox, mesotherapy, PRP, micro-needling, peels, radiofrequency, fractional Laser, carboxytherapy, calcium hydroxyapatite, etc.

Q:Can I go for a suna after PDO treatment?

A:Do not go to high-temperature saunas, high-temperature yoga and other high-temperature environments in 1 month after treatment, and do not expose to sunlight.The high temperature environment needs to be avoided, because sauna, high-temperature yoga and sun exposure will cause the body temperature to rise, and the body will sweat and dissipate heat. The wounds may get inflammation and infection after contact with the sweat. 

Q: When will you arrange the dispatch once I paid?

A: Normally 2 days after receiving your payment, but it can be negotiated based on order quantity. Hope you could understand!

Q: Which courier or agent do you use?

A: sually, we use DHL, EMS, FED, UPS, TNT some international courier.

Q: How long can we receive the PDO thread?

A: About 3-10 days. But about 10-20 days by ePacket.

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