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Magik Thread®


Cog Thread

Cog thread have barbs that latch right into your skin like small fishhooks, to provide support and lift parts of your face. These little barbed eco-friendly threads are positioned under the skin and also lead to tightening up as well as lifting.

The barbed threads are placed under the skin with a cannula or with a fine needle that is affixed to the absorptive thread. The needle is inserted into the subcutaneous layer and also when eliminated, the cog threads remain implanted. Cogs supply a simple means to lift multiple areas, such as sagging cheeks, jawlines, brows, arms, upper legs, abdominal area. They can improve pores, lower great lines and wrinkles by encouraging collagen fiber synthesis.

Advantages of PDO Cog Thread:

Top quality PDO material

The bio-compatible gear thread are absorbable as well as dissolve right into the skin.

Smooth as well as Long Barb

Which anchors extra securely within your sagging skin. What's more, barbs cause minor abrasions in your skin tissues, causing the production of natural collagen.

Clean Cannula Tip with No Burr

Gear thread are made under GMP Requirement workshop. The risk-free manufacturing setting is extremely crucial to make an extraordinary cog threads.

Do PDO threads hurt?

PDO thread lift is a minor surgical procedure that’s done within an hour, depending on the number of threads used, using local anesthesia. Pain is relative to each patient and has several variables. You can take over-the-counter Tylenol if you experience discomfort in the first 48 hours following surgery.

Why The Pdo Thread Lift Is Av Excellent Option

We make it easy to look years younger!

  • SAFE. PDO threads used in our thread lift is so safe that they are used in delicate procedures such as open-heart surgery. In addition, they do not post the risks of anesthesia complications.

  • NO SCARRING. These magical sutures are completely absorbed by the body and leave no scarring behind.

  • VIRTUALLY PAIN-FREE. The areas to be treated will be numbed with topical as well as a local anesthetic.

  • NON-SURGICAL, NON-INVASIVE & NO DOWNTIME. There are zero cuts or incisions, only injections. The Lunchtime Facelift procedure may be done in approximately 1 – 2 hours and are usually managed with acetaminophen and/or ibuprofen.

  • LOOK 10 YEARS YOUNGER! This incredible face treatment allows you to look ten years younger in just 1 – 2 hours!

  • LASTING RESULTS. Enjoy a youthfully reshaped face for up to two years with good skin care.

  • 80% LESS EXPENSIVE THAN A TRADITIONAL FACELIFT! The lunchtime instant facelift with PDO threads is very affordable in comparison to surgical skin tightening procedures. Get the results you dream about without hurting your wallet!

Benefits Of Pdo Thread

The main benefit of PDO thread lifts is their ability to physically lift the skin in the treated area. PDO threads grip the skin with either smooth, rounded, or barbed microscopic structures throughout the thread pattern. 

This makes it ideal for a non-surgical brow lift or cheek lift, or as a precursor to more invasive surgery like a full facelift.

PDO threads also stimulate collagen production for up to six months or more following their insertion. Your skin recognizes the thread as a kind of invasive substance and triggers a healing response as a result. 

Your body can easily break down the PDO molecules, even as they physically lift your skin, resulting in a lifted long-term appearance in the treated area.

Finally, PDO threads are simple to inject and result in few side effects, making it a quick and easy way to obtain a more ideal appearance or facial contour.






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