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Cog Pdo Thread Manufacture

Payment terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,Alipay Supply Ability:1000000 pice/peces per month Place of origin: Hebei China Size: 19-30G Sterile: EO Sterilezation Material: PDO Feature: easy to operate
  • Magik Thread

The PDO thread lift is an innovative treatment designed to combat skin laxity, fine lines, wrinkles, and redefine facial and body contours.

Utilizing durable, absorbable threads inserted with precision, this treatment facilitates an immediate lift by grasping loose tissue inside the skin and stimulating the natural collagen production process.

Cog Pdo Thread Manufacture

Thread Models
Sharp Needle Type
Mono Needle Gauge Needle Size  Mono Screw Needle Gauge Needle Size 



25G 90mm
27G 38mm,50mm 26G 38mm,60mm



27G 38mm,50mm
30G 25.4mm,38mm 29G 38mm,50mm






60mm 27G
90mm 60mm,90mm
Cog 3-1
60mm Cog 5-1
100mm 100mm
Cog 4-1 19G 100mm Cog 3D 19G 100mm
21G 100mm 21G 60mm,100mm
Cog L Type Cannula

Cog 3-1


Needle Gauge Needle Size 

Cog 3D

Needle Gauge Needle Size 
19G 25mm 19G 100mm
19G 50mm 21G 100mm

Cog 4-1


19G 100mm Cog 4D L
19G 100mm
21G 100mm 21G 100mm
Cog W Blunt Cannula
Cog 4D 
Needle Gauge Needle Size Mono Blunt Needle Gauge Needle Size 
19G 100mm 30G 25.4mm
Cog 6D
Molding Cog
18G 100mm
19G 100mm

Product Description

PDO is an abbreviation of polydioxanone which widely used as surgery stitch thread and it is very safe to human body. As a colorless biodegradable synthetic polymer, it is a monofilament, so hydrolyzed in body and then naturally excreted by urine. PDO procedure leads to mechanotransduction within skin by forming vector among the threads. This treatment is featured with high safety, adjustability, short-term response. Once the thread is absorbed, the collagens starts to grow and this will be last 2 years at most.

Screw Pdo Thread Supplier

PDO Thread Lift vs. Facelift Surgery

For patients under the age for a traditional facelift, or those who want correction but are not candidates, PDO threads can offer a solution. For patients that are good candidates for a facelift or mini facelift, these procedures will likely offer them longer lasting and better results with time.

Benefits of a Thread Lift

  • Can tighten moderately loose skin on the face, jaw, chin, and neck

  • Contoured facial appearance

  • More youthful appearance

  • Minimally invasive compared to a facelift

  • Less downtime and recovery than a facelift

  • Have initial results compared to other collagen-based treatments

  • Treatments take 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete

  • No visible scarring

PDO Thread Procedure

Before the treatment, a local anesthetic and topical numbing agent is applied to the area that is going to be treated. Once the area is numbed, the doctor inserts the PDO threads using blunt tip needles or cannulas.

Once inserted into the skin layers, the threads act as anchors while the skin is lifted upwards. The excess threads are removed.

Instead of removing loose skin, it is pulled up using the threads, and the doctor makes invisible subdermal stitches to anchor the lift. 

Specialized cosmetic threads are used that have “strategic split ends,” which help grab a tissue when they are pulled up. The suspension helps tighten up loose skin and brings about a restored appearance.

How long does a thread list last?

The threads dissolve over six to nine months. The good news is that as your body absorbs the threads, it stimulates your collagen production around the injected area. 

The collagen boost helps maintain the “lifted” effect on your face. Although you do need to have the procedure done several times before your collagen reacts.

Who is the ideal candidate for a PDO thread lift procedure?

The ideal candidate for a PDO thread lift is an individual with early signs of aging. A PDO Thread Lift is not recommended for more severe signs of aging, those with excessive sagging or loose skin, or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Packaging & Shipping

Screw Pdo Thread Supplier

Usually delivery arranged within 1-7 days after the payment

Packing deatils:Double pack /Nitrogen filled

Packaging:50pcs per bag/ 10 pcs per bag/ 5 pcs/ bag

Delivery channel: EMS/TNT/DHL/FedEx/UPS


Q What is the MOQ ?

A We welcome small quantity for testing. MOQ is only one piece!


Q Can I mix different models?

A Sure!


Q Can I add or delete items from my order if I change my mind?

A Yes!


Q Can I put my own logo (OEM)?

A Yes!


Q When you ship my order?

A Normally 2 days after receiving your payment, but it can be negotiated based on order quantity. Hope you could understand!


Q How about the expiry period?

A Two years!


Q How can you guarantee the production quality?

A We have 12-year experience. We have strictly quality control system in our production process. We have 4 times inspection for each finished product before package.




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