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Is Gold Protein Thread Real Gold?

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Is Gold Protein Thread Real Gold?

The use of Is Gold Protein Thread Real Gold? for skin rejuvenation is also known as golden thread rejuvenation. Since the 1980s, it has been successfully used in Europe and is more popular in Russia and Asia. The working principle of gold thread is similar to other beauty treatments, such as medical micro-needle, which can stimulate the body to produce new collagen (new collagen generation) to cope with controllable trauma or foreign body reaction. This will result in thicker skin and softer skin in general. It may also give some people a slight tightening or lifting effect. However, the effect of gold wire treatment is much longer than that of less invasive treatment methods such as skin acupuncture. 24k gold, 99.9% purity, is one of the longest studied thread materials - in fact, gold has been used in many medical applications in history



99.9% pure gold, 24K, hair filiform (diameter 0.1mm), different length of wire or strand, can be cut into different sizes as required..

It is well known that pure gold will not react with other substances it contacts, so when placed on the skin, for example, it cannot reduce the risk of chemical reaction.

Some gold wire products are coated with other absorbable substances to increase the hardness of the wire and reduce the risk of fracture during implantation. Once the coating enters the skin, it will degrade rapidly.


Those who are known to have allergic reactions to gold, such as those who have experience in wearing gold jewelry close to the skin..

It is also not suitable for people with active infection, malignant tumor, autoimmune disease, scar tendency or severe pigmentation. During your consultation, you should discuss the complete medical history and potential contraindications.

Similarly, pregnant or lactating women are advised to perform this operation after giving birth and feeding the baby.

For those who are more suitable for cosmetic surgery, this is not an alternative treatment, because if the skin is too loose, the golden thread will not provide enough results, and the skin needs to be removed surgically.


You will not see the results immediately after the operation, because it takes time to form new collagen and blood vessels around the golden thread structure. You can expect the results to improve gradually in 3 to 6 months.

The result is not 100% permanent, because the effects of aging and gravity will continue to affect a person's skin structure. However, you can expect to maintain the effect of gold wire treatment for 3 to 5 years. Some people are still satisfied with their results after 10 years, when the skin tightness will eventually become less obvious.


Compared with surgical operation, this operation is considered to be minimally invasive in nature, so the downtime and recovery time are short. Due to the use of local anesthetic injection and local ointment, it should be painless during the operation. You can go home immediately after the operation, and it is likely to resume normal life and most activities in the next day or two.

There may be bruises, swelling, tightness and slight lumps at the placement line. Facial treatment is likely to cause dark circles under the eyes, although the treatment is not carried out near the eyes. Small needle stabs can also be seen at the entrance of pay-off. This will be temporary and should be resolved in two weeks. Most swelling will disappear in a few days to a week.

If necessary, you can take over-the-counter painkillers, such as paracetamol. You can also prescribe antibiotics to avoid the risk of infection during healing. The doctor will advise you how to keep the treatment area clean.

Sometimes, some gold thread may begin to "pierce" the entrance from the skin. If this happens, you should let your doctor know and make a follow-up appointment to cut off the ends of the threads to keep them inserted.

Another potential complication is skin wrinkling.

In rare cases, if the gold wire is not arranged in the form of patterns, but in simple lines, then the complex situation of "cheese wiring" will appear. After surgery, this "cutting" effect may cause trauma to the underlying tissue. Compared with facial surgery, it is more common in body surgery because the body tissue is heavier and the influence of gravity is more obvious. To avoid this problem, most practitioners use thread placement techniques, including patterns or matrices, scaffold structures, such as fan-shaped or lattice shapes, where threads support each other at all stages after short-term and long-term treatment.

In some cases, excessive fibrosis or scar tissue formation may occur and affect the results.

If tooth extraction is required, it can only be completed within the first 6 months. Use a hook to extract teeth.

A common misconception is that the golden line can trigger airport security alerts, which is incorrect.

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