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Aqua Secret - a safe and environmentally hyaluronic acid

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You won't regret buying this hyaluronic acid. a safe and environmentally hyaluronic acid.

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YOURSOFILL - a safe and environmentally hyaluronic acid CE and trademark certification 

YOURSOFILL is a proprietary hyaluronic acid brand of Dingmiao Company. It has applied for a trademark patent and is CE and CFDA certified.

hyaluronic-acid-CE YOURSOFILL-certification

The environmental protection

YOURSOFILL's material is a microbial fermentation that is both healthy and environmentally friendly. 

There are three sources of hyaluronic acid: 

1. Animal tissue: the main raw materials are cockscomb and bovine eye vitreous.

The raw material is degreased and dehydrated with acetone or ethanol, soaked and filtered with distilled water, and then treated with sodium chloride aqueous solution and chloroform solution. 

2. Microbial fermentation: Glucose was used as carbon source fermentation broth.

Fermentation was carried out in the medium for 48 hours. After fermentation, mycelia and impurities were filtered and removed, and then the high-purity products were obtained by simple operations such as alcohol precipitation. 

3. Chemical synthesis: natural enzyme polymerization.

Hyaluronic acid is synthesized by the synthesis of "hyaluronateoxyazacyclopentene derivatives" using polysaccharides polymers, then adding water-breaking enzymes to create a complex of the derivatives and enzymes, and finally removing the enzymes in the reaction solution at 90 ° C. 

YOURSOFILL is the second way to make hyaluronic acid.Cherish wildlife, cherish life, respect animal friends.

The environmental protection


If the injection is too much or the effect is not satisfactory, it can be dissolved with lysozyme. YOURSOFILL is not permanent hyaluronic acid and will last for 12-18 months.


In addition, the YOURSOFILL is available in a variety of models.Fine is used to remove Fine lines around the forehead of the eyes. Derm is used for lip augmentation. Deep is used for plump cheeks, nasolabial folds, and deep wrinkles. 10ml and 20ml for breast and buttock augmentation.



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