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Best Treatment to Filler For Crows Feet

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Best Treatment to Filler For Crows Feet

What Is Crow’s Feet?

Lateral canthal rhytides (LCRs) also known as crow’s feet or eye wrinkles are lines that appear around the outer corner of your eyes especially when you smile, squint or laugh.

These lines start from the corner of your eyes and radiate all the way to your temples and upper cheeks, looking like the claws of a bird.

There are two different types of crow’s feet wrinkles: dynamic and static. The wrinkles known as “dynamic wrinkles” appear as a muscle contract. If you can only see your crow’s feet when you smile, they are probably dynamic.

Static wrinkles are always noticeable even when the face is at rest, although they may get worse with muscular tension.

Regardless of the kind of crow’s feet you have, there are treatment options available for you. In some people, the signs of crow’s feet can be completely reversed, at least temporarily.

What Causes Crow's Feet?

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Wrinkles at the outer corners of your eyes are often called crow’s feet because they resemble the print of a bird’s foot. Several forces work together to carve these lines into your skin.

Muscle Contractions

Crow’s feet are also called laugh lines because they appear every time you smile or laugh, contracting the muscles around your eyes. The average adult blinks about 15-20 times per minute — up to 19,200 times a day. Each blink contracts the muscles around your eyes and causes the thin skin to wrinkle. Smiles, laughs, frowns, and other expressions contract those muscles even tighter, forming a pattern of lines that will eventually stay put.

Loss Of Collagen And Elastin

When your skin is young and full of collagen and elastin, it snaps back to its neutral, smooth state as soon as you relax your face, but as early as your mid-20s, your skin loses its ability to recover from facial contractions, and the lines remain. The delicate tissue around your eyes, which possesses very few oil glands and tends to be dry, is often the first place you notice this classic sign of aging skin.

Sun exposure. 

We all know the dangers of UV exposure and sunburn, but for delicate under-eye skin, it can be even more damaging. Sun exposure can cause pigment producing cells to mature abnormally. Also, exposure to the sun’s rays can cause squinting which contributes to wrinkles and fine lines on the outer corner of the eyes


When our face squints, which is a natural expression for most of us, the muscles around the eyes move causing the skin to crease and form lines. This expression is a normal part of everyday life. As the skin loses elasticity, the lines stay whether you squint, laugh, smile or not.


Gravity constantly tugs your skin downward, but the effects don’t show up until your skin’s defenses are down. Without a good supply of collagen and elastin, your forehead and brows sag down and apply pressure to the delicate skin around your eyes. Crow’s feet are the inevitable result.

Fillers For Crow’s Feet: What Are The Benefits?

Fillers are a fantastic option if you want to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. They are non-surgical, so you can get the desired results without missing work time. The procedure should be quick and easy if you choose a reputable provider. While the results are not permanent, patients can safely get regular injections to maintain a youthful look.

  •  Convenient 15-minute sessions

  •  Stunning natural-looking outcome

  •  Immediate enhancement

  •  Minimal pain

  •  Smooths out creases around the eyes

  •  Plumps loose skin

  •  Reduces dark circles

  •  Effective and safe procedure

Aqua Secret® Light

Aqua Secret@ Light with Hintensymm Technology is able to correctthin facial wrinkles with natural and long-lasting results

  • The size of HA: the small particle

  • injection parts: Upper part of the dermis

  • Treatment areas: Forehead , Periobital lines and Perioral lines

  • Duration:6-12 months

  • 5Needle Size:30G

The face of your client will have a more natural look even if she issmiling and frowning.This is the feedback picture from our customers, so natural.

Aqua Secret® Light

Results and Possible Risks

Dermal filler results start showing immediately but may take a couple of weeks to completely settle in place under the eyes. The results of a hyaluronic acid filler treatment aren’t permanent, so clients may need to return to the med spa for maintenance treatments.

Facial fillers are also safe to use around the eye area like Botox. However, they also come with certain mild complications like:

  • Bruising

  • Red dots at the injection site

  • Redness

  • Puffiness






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