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Come and learn technology (2)! Can Botulax enlarge eyes?

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In the last post, I introduced the injection method of Botulax for full eye enlargement. Many doctors and friends are very interested in this topic.

The series is back today!

This time I will talk about the injection method for the treatment of mild ptosis

After injecting Botulax into the eyelid of the orbicularis oculi muscle, it will further promote the compensatory activation of the levator palpebrae and Muller muscles, and also increase the width of the eye opening.

The injection method is as follows: subcutaneously inject 0.5-1U Botulax on the medial and lateral edges of the eyelid of the orbicularis oculi muscle, namely above the eyelashes. To prevent eyelid drooping, the needle tip is directed outward

The injection site and dosage can be seen in the picture below

Botulax enlarge eyes

Of course, the specific injection operation and dosage should follow the guidance of professional physicians~

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