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Breast lift treatment with PDO Thread

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Wire selection: 10*26G 90mm Magik Thread-Mono and 5*27G 50mm Magik Thread-Mono

Layout method: staggered wiring

Implantation of skin layers: The thread can be implanted into different skin layers according to different needs during treatment

Superficial - loose skin tissue

Implanted into the dermis, stimulates the regeneration of skin collagen, reorganizes elastic fibers, and restores the youthful state of the chest

Middle layer - relaxation of the deep fascia of the chest

Lifting, to achieve firmness and lift of glandular tissue, tighten and fix according to the physiological position of breast tissue.

Deep - Laxity of the suspensory ligaments of the breast

Tighten the deep fascia and breast ligaments attached to the pectoralis major to firm the chest, while lifting can stimulate collagen regeneration, tighten the suspensory ligament, and effectively share the chest pressure.

Follow me, next time I will tell you the treatment method in different situations.

Breast lift treatment with PDO Thread






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