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Britney's favorite thigh fat reduction program

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Fat-dissolving injections are a very popular weight loss program now, and Britney once succeeded in slimming her legs by injecting "fat-dissolving needles". Generally speaking, the obesity of the thigh is mainly formed by the accumulation of fat, this type can choose to use a fat-dissolving needle for local injection.

The use of LIPOTREX is recommended here. The bioflavonoids in the product ingredients can protect the hematopoietic system and immune system, with few side effects and quicker effects. 1 course of treatment can improve fat accumulation, and 3 courses of treatment can solve the problem of obesity.

No rebound, no long-term treatment after reaching your desired aesthetic.

Thigh injection method:

The distance between the drawn points is 2cm, each point is injected with 0.5ml, and the depth of the needle should be 0.6cm.

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