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Can Botulax enlarge eyes?

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Come learn technology! Can Botulax enlarge eyes?

If the force of the orbicularis oculi muscle contraction is too great, then the eyes will be in a state of "can't open" all the time, and it will become a slit when you smile.

Below I will introduce two injection methods for eye enlargement with Botulax from a professional point of view

The first is the whole eye enlargement effect: Botulax is injected into the orbital, eyelid and glabellar muscles of the orbicularis oculi to treat blepharospasm. Due to the action of Bto, the levator and Muller muscles will compensate. Active, the eyes will become noticeably larger.

The injection site and dosage can be seen in the picture below

Another injection method for the treatment of mild ptosis, pay attention to me, and tell you in the next issue!

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Can Botulax enlarge eye






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