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Chin filler, hyaluronic acid vs prosthesis? I choose hyaluronic acid!

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A delicate chin also makes the facial features beautiful. Compared with prosthetic chin, hyaluronic acid filling chin has the advantages of less trauma, shorter recovery period and natural effect.

Aqua Secret INTENSEis recommended here. Its large and small particle nesting technology makes the shaping effect better, and the self-crosslinking technology and pre-decomposition technology can make it safer and more effective.

The following is the injection method:

Three different injection sites were selected, and 0.7ml of Aqua SecretINTENSE was injected at each point, a total of 2ml. After the injection, the gauze pressed the injection area for 60s.

Follow me, next time I will talk about the precautions when filling chin with hyaluronic acid

Chin filler, hyaluronic acid vs prosthesis I choose hyaluronic acid



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