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Dermal filler for Breast enhancement

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As a new trend in the aesthetic medical industry, breast enhancement by hyaluronic acid filler becomes more and more popular by its convenience and safety.

But many medical spas use face dermal filler for breast injection. Good news is: Aqua Secret Macrolite launched, that is a filler specially used for body filling

So what are the differences between Macrolite and other face fillers?

First of all, unlike the small particles of face filler(usually 0.1mm--0.15mm), that of Macrolite is 0.25mm, yes, much bigger particles. Macrolite could provide stronger support for breast, a plump chest is easy to get! Further more, patented Hitensy Technology ensures Macrolite lasts for up to 12 months. While common face filler lasts for only 6 months. Wow, double lasting time!

Important point is, Macrolite is at 10ml and 20ml package, high cost performance! Don’t need to worry about money!

Dermal filler for Breast enhancement

About Macrolite

How many milliliters do you usually need to inject?

Generally, it is based on the actual needs of customers.

Usually, 80ml to 100ml is used to increase breast size by 1 cup.

Only a maximum of 150ml can be injected into one breast at a time. If you feel you need more, then you'd better give another injection in the next session.

Where is the injection site?

Generally, breast augmentation requires the injection of hyaluronic acid, which is located under the breast or subcutaneously, which can effectively increase the volume of the breast, thereby improving the shape of the breast and the symmetry of the breast.

How to inject in practice?

It is recommended to take the nipple as the center, divide the chest into 4 parts, and then use a ruler to take the nipple as the origin and inject at intervals of 7mm. Here, the customer should be reminded to spread their arms to ensure that the chest is in a completely relaxed state.

Dermal filler for Breast enhancement

How long will it last?

Macrolite uses the Hintensy™ Technology to make the macromolecules of hyaluronic acid more closely arranged, which makes them last for 12-18 months.

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