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Differences between PLLA filler and Dermal filler

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Recently, we have seen a lot of doctors discussing the differences between PLLA filler and dermal filler, so we will briefly explain the obvious differences between these two products.

Today we choose the brand of Aqua Secret’s dermal filler and the brand of Devolux’s PLLA.

Differences between PLLA filler and Dermal filler

①The first point: Different principles and applicable areas


Smooth wrinkles, Repair dents

PLLA can smooth wrinkles and can also Repair dents, for example if you have a pit on the face and can't be filled by dermal filler, maybe you can try PLLA filler to treat it.In addition, some doctors will try to use PLLA filler for the treatment of stretch marks

■ Dermal filler

Smooth wrinkles and  plump the area.

Dermal filler can smooth wrinkles, also filling the nose, chin, and cheek.

Here's the take-home message: both they can all smooth wrinkles, how do we choose?

PLLA removes wrinkles by stimulating the body's tissues to regenerate.

Dermal filler fills and plumps the area of wrinkles, thereby smoothing them.

②The second point: Effective time


The effect can be seen on the same day after the injection is completed.

If you want to maintain a stable effect, it is recommended to inject 2-3 times, and the injection interval is 1 month.

Dermal filler

After you use it, it will take effect in a while.

③ The third point: Duration


It can be maintained for about 2 years. If the postoperative care is proper, the maintenance time will be longer.

■ Dermal filler

Generally, the first injection of  dermal filler can last 3-6 months. Each additional injection will be more stable and will last longer.

Differences between PLLA filler and Dermal filler

As you can see, different products have different functions, we can choose according to our needs,

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