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How long skin booster last?

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The recovery period is about two weeks, the first week the needle eye disappears, and the second week the skin begins to shine. The third and fourth weeks of the skin reach a new brightness. The effect of Skin booster can last for 3-6 months. (Dermax online supply)

Under normal circumstances, skinboosters are injected according to the course of treatment, generally divided into three courses, in fact, after the skinbooster, you will not see the effect immediately, usually about 1 week. The reasons are: (1) In the early stage, it is inflamed and will be a little swollen; (2) It should have a time to absorb. If you want to have "skinless skin", you may not be able to achieve it with one dose of skinboosters. 

Generally, skinboosters are injected according to the course of treatment, the first time, once a month for the first three months, and once every three months later. According to the actual situation of the face and the treatment of skin boosters, you need to insist on regular skin injection, in order to ensure that the skin is maintained in a good state.






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