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How much does a vial of Botulinum Toxin cost wholesale?

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How Much Is a Vial of Botulinum Toxin ®?

Botulinum Toxin ® is the most popular injectable cosmetic treatment derived from botulinum toxin type A, ahead of competing brands like Dysport® and Xeomin®. Millions of patients have received injections of Botulinum Toxin since the compound first received FDA approval in 1989.

Because Botulinum Toxin is so popular, budget-minded patients considering botulinum toxin type A treatment generally ask how much Botulinum Toxin costs — not how much Dysport or Xeomin cost.

How Much Does Botulinum Toxin  Cost?

The wholesale cost of Botulinum Toxin paid by aesthetic practitioners is different from the retail price of Botulinum Toxin charged to patients. Whereas wholesale costs are usually expressed per vial, retail costs are typically calculated per procedure and can vary based on the procedure type, the amount of Botulinum Toxin needed, and other factors.


Active Ingredient:Clostridium Botulinum Toxin Type A

Complex Size:900kDa

Appearance:White dried powder, when dissolved in physiological saline,it is clear and transparent solution


Moisture:Less than 3%


Expiration:36 months

SIZE : 100U

$52.00 USD

Initially, Sotox has been used only for therapeutic purposes. However, while treating blepharospasm by means of administering sotox toxin in the eye muscle, the scientists noticed that the substance smoothed out the under-eye wrinkles so that the patients acquired a younger appearance. 

It has set a start to a cosmetic era of sotox for the elimination of mimic wrinkles with the aim of facial rejuvenation.

Originated from clostridium botulinum, Sotox Botulinum toxin type A is produced by innovative Vacuum Drying process for superior purity. Sotox is for both aesthetic and therapeutic treatments.

Whenever you Buy Sotox Online  from our company, your clinic saves significant amount of money per month. Taking into account the fast-growing popularity of fillers – the number of purchases and money saved will be increased. 

You have a great opportunity to save significant amount of money per year by purchasing the original, authentic and certified products.

Botulax 100U

Botulax 100U

Certification: THIS

Customized: Disinfection

Color: Gold

Application: Wrinkle Removal & Skin Beauty

Material: Btx

Units: 30g

$56.00 USD

Botulax Meditoxin Botulinum is an injectable wrinkle muscle relax.It uses Botulium toxin type,to temporarily paralyze muscle.

This reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles.The treatment is minimally invasive.It's considered a safe,effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles.

Despite advances in technology, there is no more effective remedy than botulinum toxin. It works quickly, does not provoke serious pain, does not have many serious side effects, and provides visible results for a long time.

Maybe the reason you’re considering Botulinum Toxin treatment is because you want to remove wrinkles, slim your jaw, calves, or shoulder lines. The purpose is the same, but there are multiple ways to achieve your goals.

To remove wrinkles on the face, you can choose the most appropriate treatment method among Botulinum Toxin , fillers or other injections, thread lifts, etc. based on the causes of wrinkles, such as expression muscles, skin sagging, reduced skin elasticity, depth, etc. . Wrinkles are. 

If you want to have V-line, you can choose the appropriate method among chin Botulinum Toxin , chin tip filling, HIFU lifting, and facial lipolysis injection. This depends on the amount of fat in your chin, the amount of masseter muscle, the shape of the tip of your chin, and the sagging skin on your chin.

Botulinum toxin is a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum toxin. It relaxes overly contracted small muscles, thereby achieving the effect of wrinkles. 

Or it can temporarily paralyze the muscles and cause them to atrophy to achieve the purpose of carving lines, which is commonly known as wrinkle removal and face slimming.

Innotox 50U

innotox 50U

Active Ingredient: Clostridium botulinum toxin type A (Hall strain)

Volume: 50 units (4 units/0.1ml)

Weight: 30g

Storage Instructions: Keep sealed and store at 2~8°C for optimal product integrity.

Country of Manufactu: South Korea

Manufacturer: Medytox

Expiration: 36 months from the manufacturing date

$37.00 USD

Experience the ultimate solution with INNOTOX, a superior alternative to other treatments, offering ease of use and long-lasting results!

Innotox is the very first world’s type A botulinum toxin in the form of a finished liquid phase. One ready-made solution contains 50 units of the active substance. The product does not contain ingredients of animal origin, protein, albumin, and gelatin, which minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.

Say goodbye to forehead lines, eye area folds, crow’s feet, smile lines, lip creases, blepharospasm, neck wrinkles, and even excessive sweating with INNOTOX. This versatile treatment provides a comprehensive solution for various concerns.

Nabota 100U

nabota 100u

Brand: Nabota Botulinum Toxin

Powder: Yes

Customized: Non-Customized

Certification: GMP, ISO 9001

Suitable for: Adult

State: Solid

Purity: >99%

$64.00 USD

A South Korean substance called Nabota is designed to reduce expression lines. It is a Botulinum Toxin -like muscle relaxant with peripheral activity. 

The substance is based on type A botulinum toxin. The bacteria Clostridium botulinum produces this toxic toxin. 

It is designed to denervate muscular tissue in situations where there is excessive muscle tone or dynamic facial expressions.

Nabota is a high-purity Botulinum Toxin developed by Daewoong Pharmaceuticals based in South Korea. It appears as a white to yellowish, lyophilized powder for injection. 

It contains Botulinum Toxin Type A, a naturally occurring, highly toxic protein that has therapeutic effects on the skin. 

Each visa of this product contains 100 Units of sterile Clostridium Botulinum Toxin Type A. Nabota Botulinum Toxin is also free from harmful preservatives, making it hypoallergenic and safe to use on the skin.

Nabota 100 u appears as a white to yellowish, lyophilized powder for injection. In fact, it contains Botulinum Toxin Type A, a naturally occurring, highly toxic protein that has therapeutic effects on the skin. Besides, it is also free from harmful preservatives, making it hypoallergenic and safe to use on the skin.

Re N Tox 100U

rentox 100U

Name: Re N Tox 100U

Powder: Yes

Customized: Non-Customized

Certification: GMP, ISO 9001

Suitable for: Adult

Appreance: Powder/Liquid

Purity: >99%

$56.00 USD

Re N Tox 100U is an injectable solution for adult patients seeking to temporarily improve, remove and correct signs of aging, but the Re N Tox 100U can be used as a treatment method for TMJ, blood spasm, and bleach.

Re N Tox 100U is made in Korea, it is composed of 100 sets of Botulum A toxic substances. Other ingredients: sodium chloride (tonicity agent) and human serum albumin (stabilizer).

According to the health, safety and quality standards and regulations of most countries, we regularly produce materials and ingredients for manufacturing treatments,Re N Tox 100U can be stored in a refrigerator at 8 to 12 degrees C °, or stored frozen at a temperature below -5 degrees Celsius.

ReNTox TM 100 units is a brand-new medication of the type A Premium Class (botulinum toxin), created by the South Korean business Pharma Research Bio. It is offered as a white injection-ready lyophilized powder in a clear, colorless vial.

Re N Tox - type A botulinum toxin, which is used to smooth out severe wrinkles and folds. The action of the product is based on the local relaxation of spasmodic muscles. Re N Tox has a lower diffusion compared to similar products, which allows you to affect local areas of the skin. This is due to its great popularity in cosmetology clinics in South Korea and Japan.


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