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How Much For Eyebrow Lift?

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How Much For Eyebrow Lift? 

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A well-executed brow lift can take years off your face. While beauty products, dyes, tinting, threading and waxing can impact how your brows look, you might get the best benefits from a brow lift if you have saggy brows or want to look younger.

How Much is a Brow Lift?

The type of brow lift you receive will impact the cost of your treatment.  According to the American Society of Plastic surgeons, the average price of a surgical brow lift is $3,900.

There’s no one set cost when it comes to brow lifts, or plastic surgery in general. While there’s a national average for the surgery itself, it doesn’t include surgeon’s fees, location, experience, anesthesia and other medications, and more.

During your consultation, take the time to discuss all the costs involved with your brow lift. Ask questions relating to the type of procedure you require and if it’ll raise price, how much anesthesia and prescriptions may cost, whether there will be any hospital or surgeon fees, and other similar concerns.

The antiaging procedure lifts sagging brows by tightening up the skin on your face.

Brow lift costs may include:

  • Anesthesia fees

  • Medical tests

  • Post-surgery garments

  • Prescriptions for medication

  • Geographic location

Surgeon’s fees are determined by his or her experience. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon is crucial for minimizing postoperative complications and recovery time. 

Generally, insurance does not cover brow lifts since they are considered a cosmetic procedure. In some cases, when vision is impaired, part of the cost may be covered if the procedure is proven to be medically necessary.

Benefits Of An Eyebrow Lift

An eyebrow lift is a popular facial procedure that eliminates wrinkles (forehead wrinkles, advanced wrinkles, frown lines, etc.) and improves the overall appearance of the face. With this type of procedure, the patient’s eyebrows are raised in order to create a youthful look. An eyebrow lift also helps to enhance facial expressions while eliminating droopy skin on the forehead or around the eyes.

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Here are some of the benefits of an eyebrow lift:

Reduced wrinkles: one of the top benefits of an eyebrow lift is that it can reduce fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, forehead, and eyebrows. The procedure can help you achieve a smoother and more youthful-looking complexion without invasive surgery.

More defined eyebrows: by reshaping your brows, you can make your eyes appear larger as well as bring attention away from any flaws on your face. Reshaped, more defined brows will help draw attention to other areas of your face like your cheekbones and jawline, making them appear more chiseled and attractive.

More youthful appearance: during an eyebrow lift, plastic surgeons use tension sutures to gently pull up the eyebrows and temples while providing support for surrounding tissues, creating a fresher and younger-looking expression that looks natural due to improved facial symmetry. 

This technique works especially well if you’ve experienced any drooping in features associated with aging or muscle movement that causes changes in contours over time (such as crow’s feet at the outer corner of each eye).

Minimally invasive procedure: unlike traditional cosmetic surgery techniques which require hospitalization or general anesthesia, an eyebrow lift is a minimally invasive surgical procedure done under local anesthesia. Therefore, there is no need for extended recovery time or lengthy hospital stays afterward. 

Long-lasting results: the results from an eyebrow lift tend to last much longer than those from non-surgical eyebrow lifts (Botox injections or dermal fillers) because they involve structural changes that tighten skin at its underlying layers instead of boosting volume temporarily with injectables. 

Am I a Candidate for Brow Lift Surgery?

The ideal candidate has wrinkles and sagging skin in the area around the eyes and forehead that they want to get rid of. We suggest that the person be in good general health and consult with their surgical team about any issues with bleeding or clotting or any reactions to anesthesia in the past.





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