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How To Beat Stretch Marks, Watch Here!

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According to statistics, about 60% to 90% of pregnant women are troubled by stretch marks. These terrible lines on the stomach make many pregnant mothers unconfident.

Don't worry, the artifact to save stretch marks is here! That is our Devolux, PLLA in Devolux can stimulate the secondary vitality of cells and stimulate the increase of the body's own collagen after injection. By stimulating the regeneration of collagen, it achieves the ideal effect of treating stretch marks.

Here are the treatment options:

Dosage: 20ml-30ml

Application level: In the obvious part of the fracture layer, the sharp needle is vertically inserted into the deep layer of the dermis.

Note: Do not insert the needle into the fat layer

Keep following me and provide you with more PLLA treatment options~

How To Beat Stretch Marks, Watch Here!






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