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How to effectively hydrate

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There are three types of hyaluronic acid: large molecule, medium molecule, and small molecule. Large molecule and medium molecule hyaluronic acid are mostly used for filling. The big difference is the large molecule and the small molecule hyaluronic acid.

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They are mainly distinguished by their functions and properties. Macromolecules are often used as fillers because of their stability and viscosity. For example, they can be used to augment the nose, augment the bridge of the nose, or augment the chin, and so on.

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The small molecule hyaluronic acid is often injected into the skin to make the skin look more moisturized and smooth, and play a role in moisturizing.

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In terms of properties, the macromolecule hyaluronic acid has a low ability to absorb water. The main effect is better cross-linking, which can also be understood as greater stability or viscosity.

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Compared with macromolecular hyaluronic acid, the biggest effect of small molecule hyaluronic acid is water retention and moisturizing. It can absorb moisture in the environment and play a good role in hydrating.

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Small molecule hyaluronic acid is recommended for hydration. Small molecule hyaluronic acid is mostly used for skin booster. I recommend mesocel skin booster.

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