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How to store Botulinum Toxin ?

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The common method to store Botulinum Toxin is to keep in cold storage. The unopened product must be stored in cold storage (2 ~ 8 ℃); the opened one can be stored in refrigerated state (2 ~ 8 ℃) for no more than 24 hours. For other conditions, you should make sure if your Botulinum Toxin is still in good condition or not. 

The toxicity of botulinum toxin can generally be metabolized by the human body in 3-6 months, and some on the market can be managed for about 1 year, so your problem mainly depends on your sensitivity to botulinum toxin.

What can happen after wrinkle removal injection?

After wrinkle removal injection, the eyes appear swollen! 

The situation is very common, everyone's constitution is different, and their sensitivity to botulinum toxin is also different. Botulinum toxin is produced by an obligate anaerobic Clostridium spore (bacillus), Clostridium botulinum, which exists in the cytoplasm of bacteria and is released after bacterial death. It is a neurotoxin. Because of its temporary paralyzing effect on muscles, it can relax over-contracted muscles, so it was first discovered to treat spasmodic strabismus of the eye, and later applied to cosmetic treatment of wrinkles.

Precautions of Botulinum Toxin jawline injection?

Avoid strenuous exercise and high temperature environment within one week after injection, which will accelerate the metabolism of botulinum toxin, and avoid infection at the acupuncture site; for the treatment for face-lifting, it is necessary to avoid hard food and excessive chewing actions, such as nuts and chicken bones , chewing gum, etc., otherwise the muscles will be "fat" under the "exercise".

Treatment cycle: about 6 months, for face-lifting treatment, after 3-4 consecutive injections, the effect can be maintained for several years.




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