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Is Nonsurgical Dermal Filler Brow Lift Right For You?

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Is Nonsurgical Dermal Filler Brow Lift Right For You?

A nonsurgical brow lift is an excellent alternative to surgery for many patients seeking a more elevated, youthful look. This treatment is best for patients with mild to moderate sagging or dropping in the eyebrows.

Neuromodulators, like botulinum toxin are used to smooth wrinkles and relax the muscles that turn eyebrows downward. Dermal fillers, like Aqua Secret® and Revisage®, add volume and contour to the eyebrow area. In combination, this treatment gives an instant lift and refresh to the eye and brow areas.

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What is a non-surgical brow lift?

A non-surgical brow lift typically entails a personalized combination of cosmetic procedures, including dermal fillers, botulinum toxin, and laser treatments, to provide rejuvenation to the upper face and brow area without the need for invasive plastic surgery. 

As we age, the body consistently produces less collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are skin proteins that contribute to elasticity and firmness. 

The development of loose, excess skin, volume loss, and wrinkles typically accompanies the depletion of collagen and elastin. In the brow area, this might result in sagging skin in the upper eyelids, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles.

Fillers for brow lift: How it works and its pros

Fillers are an alternative non-invasive procedure for brow lifts that can help to restore facial volume and reduce the appearance of wrinkles with a quick recovery process. During a dermal filler treatment, a doctor injects a special type of filler into the targeted areas to adjust and improve the eyebrow position. 

This method is often used to soften static wrinkles in the forehead and brow area, as well as provide an overall lifting effect. Additionally, fillers offer facial sculpting benefits, allowing you to add definition and structure to areas such as cheeks or temples. 

By adding fullness to these areas, you can achieve a more balanced facial appearance with fewer signs of aging. Unlike other procedures, non-invasive fillers can render immediate results with minimal downtime. Best of all, they also provide long-lasting results compared to Botox, which may last up to 6-12 months.

  • Semi-permanent improvements, so you can change your mind

  • No scars

  • Minimal to no downtime

  • Easier recovery and healing

  • Most products give immediate results

  • Get the same results as traditional cosmetic surgery, such as a Face Lift

Aqua Secret® Intense Dermal Filler

Who Could Benefit From These Treatments?

First of all, non-surgical brow lifts are not for everyone. They are best for people who are looking for a subtle brow raise or reshaping. This is because there is a limit to what they can achieve. As such, the effects may not be sufficient for those with more advanced brow drooping, hooding or wrinkling. 

Non-surgical treatment can be perfect for those experiencing the first signs of ageing. It can also help reduce further wrinkling or drooping. Non surgical brow lifts are also popular with younger people. These people may simply want to enhance the shape of their brow. They can also raise the position or reduce the appearance of a hooded eye.

Brow Lift Cost

Costs will vary depending on procedure and treatment. Dermal fillers are more expensive than Botox injections, but will typically last longer. Non-surgical treatments can be done in-house at a clinic, depending on how much is needed. Dermal fillers can be upwards of $500-750, depending on the clinic and doctor. If you are planning on using both, the cost will increase. Many places do payment plans, as it is a cosmetic procedure, and therefore you will not receive a Medicare or health fund rebate. 

A surgical brow lift has extra costs associated. These include: 

  • Original consultation

  • Surgeon’s fee for the procedure

  • Anaesthesiologist, and anaesthesia

  • Hospital or facility fees (day-stay at hospital is required)

  • Post-procedure reviews to assess healing

  • Antibiotics or medication

Essential aftercare tips for non-surgical brow lift

Following a non-surgical brow lift, ensure skin and eyebrows receive maximum attention to promote collagen production and reduce excess skin. Maintain hydration, avoid direct sunlight, and refrain from forceful movements around the brows. Your dedicated care contributes to a successful recovery and prolonged effect.

Enrich your knowledge base, but remember, the real expert advice lies with a specialist. With years of experience and specialized training, Dr. Rubinstein can provide you with the insight and advice to achieve beautiful, natural-looking brows that truly enhance your facial features. 

Reasons for choosing non-surgical brow lifts

dermal filler brow lift

Upper eyelid hollowing correction

The appearance of your eyebrows can be heavily impacted by the structures (bone, muscle, fat pads and volume) both above and below them. With hollowing of the upper eyelid the eyebrows appear like they are heavy and sagging downward, a significant sign of ageing. Using dermal fillers, the upper eyelid volume can be restored, rejuvenating the appearance of the brows and framing a more youthful face.

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines

A brow lift can help to improve the appearance of facial wrinkles and forehead creases because it increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin around the eyebrows. It will pull the skin tighter and smooth any forehead lines around the brow area.

Reposition the eyebrows

A brow lift will also pull the eyebrows into a higher position, providing a more youthful appearance. This can be done by either using anti-wrinkle injections in the forehead muscles or placing dermal fillers underneath the eyebrows.






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