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is skin booster painful

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Numb cream will can be applied to the face during the entire skinbooster injection, so don't worry about it hurting. At the time of injection, because the dermis layer is evenly distributed in all positions of the skin, this means that the injection site of the skinbooster should be evenly distributed in the dermis layer of the whole part, that is, dozens of needle holes should be pierced on the whole face. (Buy Dermax numb cream online)

Step 1: Anesthetic is very useful in skinbooster injection, and the numbness on the surface of the skin is obvious after application, even when the needle is inserted.

Step 2: Remove anesthetics and disinfect face

It is generally applied with iodophor and normal saline.

Step 3: Skinbooster injection

Will bleed, but there is anesthesia, there is no need to be nervous. Professional operation should wear masks, sterile gloves, and the gauze used during surgery is also sterile to prevent infection.

Step 4: Apply a sterile medical mask, cleanse and finish.    (Buy skin booster Mecocel online Dermax)

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