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It turns out that PLLA can also plump cheeks!

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The aging of the face is not only reflected in the wrinkles of our epidermis skin, but also the relaxation and sagging and loss of the deep fat and muscle of our skin.

Using Devolux to inject cheek can restore our sagging cheeks tissue and restore sagging skin to a three-dimensional plump, natural youthful state.

PLLA stimulates the regeneration of collagen in the body, and it will not appear stiff after surgery, and there will be no foreign body pulling feeling, and the facial contour will be softer and more natural.

Dosage: 2ml on one side

Application level: It is recommended to use blunt needles in subcutaneous, fat layer, fascia layer, subfascial tissue and periosteum in multiple layers

It turns out that PLLA can also plump cheeks



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