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Some key things to know about PDO threads

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Hi everyone, I'm Brenda from Dermax. We all know that PDO Threads have some technical requirements for operation, so in this video, we will mainly learn about some precautions needed for PDO threads treatment.

Some key things to know about PDO threads

First of all, it must comply with aseptic operation.

Because we bury the thread in the skin, infection or other complications can occur if it is not performed aseptically. Although thread carving treatment is simpler than general surgical operations, after all, it is necessary to perform thread embedding treatment in the skin, and it is still necessary to pay some attention to the treatment environment, which will also be helpful for subsequent recovery.

Furthermore, when we do thread lifts, we will poke a few small holes in the patient's skin and bury our thread into the fat pad of the skin. Generally, when doing lifting treatment, we will divide it into two positions, one is the fixed area, which is to fix the line on a certain part of the face as an anchor point. The other is the lifting area, which is the sagging and sagging points of the skin. These two positions must be selected correctly.

Some key things to know about PDO threads (2)

So what should you pay attention to after treatment is over?

First, the bandage used on the face needs to stay for at least 5-7 days. In this way, the thread buried in the skin will not easily loosen and unhook, which is very important.

Second, the small pinhole into the needle needs to focus on the prevention of infection, can be cleaned for two consecutive days, can also be under the guidance of doctors for dressing, can be very good prevention of small pinhole bacterial infection.

The main function of PDO treatment is to replenish collagen and restore the position of fat, but the most important thing is to perform a facial lifting effect, which is very effective for skin relaxation.

Do you know some things about PDO Threads? If you have any questions, you can contact me, or comment below the video, contact my WhatsApp, see you in the next article!






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