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Lipotrex face and body injection tips

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Lipotrex main function is to oxidize long-chain fatty acids to burn the excess fat. After that, Bioflavonoids reduces the viscosity of the oxidized fat to achieve the effect of cellulite removal. A perfect curve of double chin can be created. There are some tips for lipotrex face and body injection.

1. The distance between the painted points is 1 cm. Each point of the face is injected with 0.2-0.3ml, each point of the body is injected with 0.5ml, and the dose is increased as appropriate for other parts.

2. The common method on the face is to arrange points on the face where the injection is needed, and the distance between each point is about 1 cm. The needle can be inserted vertically with a 4mm needle. After all the piercing is completed, massage the face for 10 minutes to help the drug absorption and distribution evenly. . Conditional can heat compress, the more the better.

4. When injecting into the body, find a point about every 1 cm, and each point is 0.5ml. The general arm is the inside, from the armpit down to the elbow, from the top to the next row, the same is true for the inner thigh, one row on the inside. From the inside of the knee to the base of the thigh, or vice versa.

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Lipotrex face and body injection tips






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