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Mid year PK competition is coming

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On August 16, our company started the mid-year sales PK competition. This is an annual practice, and this time we used a new way to compete.

 Mid year PK competition is coming

This competition is a team operation in the way of PK. The group is formed in accordance with the team formation method of the famous domestic variety show "The Priceless Sister". The spirit of this variety show has inspired many people, including us. So we choose the same way for PK. First of all, those who are interested in running for team leader can automatically apply, and they can become team leader after they are approved by everyone. Three heads were selected in this way. Then the business manager can choose the leader of her choice, if the leader also chooses this business manager, she can form a team. If the leader do not choose a business manager, business manager can choose another leader, or wait for the next round to choose the leader again.

 Mid year PK competition is coming (2)

In the end, three teams were formed, each with at least seven people. In the next month and a half, which team has the highest growth, which team will win. The victorious team will receive generous rewards, which everyone likes.

 Mid year PK competition is coming (3)

At the launch ceremony of the event, we played games and everyone had a great time. At the same time, set the sales target of your team.

 Mid year PK competition is coming (4)

Each team is actively adjusting its strategy, hoping to win this game. Which team will win, let us wait and see.






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