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Pdo thread after care

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PDO thread is a medical suture or absorptive suture made of protein. The embedded suture will be naturally absorbed by the human body in about 6-9 months, and activate fibroblast to make the skin full of elasticity and tighten the skin for a long time.

pdo thread after care

Using PDO Threads facial lift, the wound was minimal.However, if you want to recover well after surgery, it depends on the doctor's technique and the quality of PDO threads.

pdo thread after care (2)

It is very important to select high-quality PDO Threading, because high-quality PDO Threading can effectively avoid intraoperative adverse reactions and reduce postoperative complications.

pdo thread after care (3)

For the maximum possible reduction of surgical trauma, we recommend Micro Cannula Blunt needle to avoid bleeding.

pdo thread after care (4)

Even though it is a minimally invasive procedure, it is inevitable that there will be small pinholes after the surgery. If you want a quick recovery in an obvious place, you can try Kosmer Repair Gel. It is suitable for use within three days after the surgery.

pdo thread after care (5)

Kosmer lotion can be used for 3-28 days after surgery to provide continuous power for skin repair and ensure skin recovery as before.

pdo thread after care (6)

Read the above steps carefully and don't worry about postoperative repair.






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