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SUTUX micro-cannula

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As dermal fillers have evolved, so has the way your doctor manages them. Differences in specific products may include the thickness, thickness, flexibility and hardness of the product, and the duration of the product's effect. Therefore, certain products are more suitable for different parts of the face. Now, doctors have discovered that the use of different fillers can also prove beneficial in the presence of bruises, swelling and downtime. Traditionally, a dermal filler is used to pierce the skin at a suitable place with a particularly sharp needle, and then the filler is injected into the subcutaneous tissue at a proper depth. Now, some plastic surgeons are switching to microcannula to manage fillings because they feel that microcannula has advantages over needles.

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A micro cannula is an extremely small (hence a micro), a flexible tube (hence a-cannula) with a port on its side instead of a sharp, transplanted needle tip.The syringe makes a small opening and inserts the micro cannula into the area to be filled.A tiny cannula allows the syringe to avoid hitting blood vessels, nerves (oops) and any other structures lurking under the skin.Because the corner of the micro-cannula is round, it just puts all these things. If the syringe has a little resistance, they can solve it. Because of the flexibility of the micro-cannula, because they are often longer than the needle, the micro-cannula can fill multiple The area has only a single entry point.All of this means less trauma to the skin, less chance of abrasions, and greater, then the micro cannula is inserted into the area.

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Dr. Bruce Van Natta of Indianapolis believes that the microcannula is much less risky because its tip is relatively blunt and usually does not cause as many bruises.Most importantly, the chance of direct injection into the blood vessel is greatly reduced.

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From the perspective of patient safety, the use of microcannula is a major advancement in achieving the best patient prognosis while minimizing complications, especially helping to avoid intra-arterial injections that may cause major complications.

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