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The Safe Solution To Numbing Cream For Lip Fillers

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The Safe Solution To Numbing Cream For Lip Fillers

Lip filler injections, such as Aqua Secret and Revisage are used to plump the lips and make them more appealing. While this procedure is commonly know to be very effective, it is also known to be painful as well. Due to the pain factor many physicians use numbing cream for lip injections to make the procedure less painful and more comfortable.

What Is The Best Numbing Cream For Lip Fillers?

Numbing Creams

As far as lip filler injections go, the best numbing cream you can get is Painless Tattoo numbing cream! Our topical anesthetic contains 4% lidocaine - enough to completely numb your lips so that you don't feel any pain during your lip filler injection.

What Do Lip Fillers Feel Like During The Injection?

As the needle pierces into your skin, you should feel a sharp pinch before the product slowly drifts its way underneath the skin. 

You should expect this to feel strange, almost like cold water running through your body as you’ve had a cold glass of water. 

If you have applied numbing cream, the only part you should find painful will be when the needle breaks into the skin.

When the filler has been injected into your skin, your practitioner should massage the lip thoroughly. 

This massage will help to evenly distribute the filler, which will prevent any lumps from forming. 

When lip fillers go bumpy (granulomas) and turn into a disaster, that is a result of your practitioner not massaging the filler in properly.

Your practitioner may need to go back into one of the lips again to make sure that they’re both even but when they’re perfect you are done and will be ready to go home! 

You should wait for them to settle when you get home, they might bruise or go slightly lumpy, but this is completely normal for the first few days. 

You may decide that you would like some more filler, for a fuller look. If you wish to have more filler put into your lips, you should follow the advice of your practitioner and go back for more at the time that they say.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Numbing Cream For Lip Filler Injection?

There are numerous benefits of using an anesthetic cream. For starters, it'll let you get the lip injections done painlessly. The last thing you want is to be in agony when getting your lips plumped!

If you're dreading the idea of getting a shot, there are several things that you can do to help. Not everyone is able to handle needles and that can cause them to avoid getting this procedure done completely. By using a numbing cream, you should experience much less discomfort and recovery time is also reduced.

Finally - It's great for people who don't like the idea of having small quantities of local anesthesia injected into their lips, which isn't always guaranteed to work effectively without extra help!

Numbing Cream For Lips Fillers: Yes or No?

lip filler

Numbing cream is always used in a lip filler procedure. With they can’t knock you out during the procedure as some people want, most doctors do use a numbing cream before starting their work. While lip fillers look beautiful once the lips are fully healed, the process of getting them isn’t as beautiful.

Getting lip fillers is very painful since the skin around your lips is very sensitive. With the help of numbing cream, the process of getting lip fillers just got a lot less painful.

Pro's & Con's of numbing medications for lip filler:

Pro's of topical numbing

This works quickly, allows patient to move their lips easier during injections (for better assessment), and wears off quicker for patient to go about their day

Con's of topical numbing

Patient is not 100% numb, some formulations can cause blanching (whitening) of the lips making the assessment difficult for the provider

Do Lip Fillers Hurt?

Lip fillers tend to hurt, even if the pain is short-lived, when done without numbing cream. Most dermal fillers contain some lidocaine to help mitigate some of the pain. If you have a lower pain tolerance, lip fillers could cause some mild to moderate pain during the procedure. However, lip fillers can be pain-free when a topical anaesthetic is applied beforehand.


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