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How to use PDO to create “fox eyes”

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Hello, everyone, This is Dermax .do you know what’s the most popular eye treatments now, the answer must be “fox eyes”. Recently, many doctors and friends have asked me which product has the best effect on creating “fox eyes”. Of course, it is Magik Thread® Cog 4D L Cannula to create “fox eyes”.

How to use PDO to create “fox eyes”

Okay, let's get started.This is a comparison of before and after fox eye treatment.we can see that the patient’s eyebrows and eye corners are downwards before the “fox eye” treatment. This not only makes the whole person look unconscious, but also makes people feel that she is unhappy.

After Magik Thread® Cog 4D L Cannula treatment, We can see that the most important step in “fox eyes” treatment is to lift up the corners of the eyes so that the eyes will be lifted like foxes.

As you can see, the tensile force of Magik Thread® Cog 4D L Cannula is very strong. Our products are allowed to be produced after they have passed the tensile test in the laboratory. So don't worry about the tension of the thread and there is also no need to worry about whether the line will be broken.

How to use PDO to create “fox eyes” (2)

What’s more,to avoid the eyes still sagging we need to use Magik Thread® Cog 21G 60mm, which is thinner and can lift the eye corners without damaging the eye skin.

Well, this is currently the most popular treatment for “fox eyes”.

Want to have such “fox eyes”? Contact me quickly and use Magik Thread® to create a new look!

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