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Use PDO to enhance the cheek

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Use PDO to enhance the cheek and unlock the secret of the girl's face!

With the increase of age, the cheek will gradually sag. Using PDO Thread to improve the cheek can make the sunken and sagging cheek return to its original position, so that the entire face looks younger and fuller.

It is recommended to use 6 100mm Magik Thread®—Cog 6D 18G or 19G, implanted subcutaneously, and use the wiring method of horizontal density and parallel nasolabial fold oblique density.

Use with hyaluronic acid or fat-dissolving needle, the effect will be better.

Follow me next time to tell you how to use hyaluronic acid to create the perfect cheek!

Focus on aesthetic, focus on your needs, we're Dermax, your trusted partner.

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