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Want to lift the corners of your mouth? Using Botulax

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Today I want to introduce to you how to use our botulax to treat sagging mouth corners

The lip area is one of the first to show signs of aging, and in addition to affecting a normal smile, it can also make a person look unhappy.

In real life, there are three main reasons for the drooping of the corners of the mouth:

Reason 1

congenital anatomical ptosis

This is caused by the structure of the upper lip itself, which is high in the center and low on the sides.

Reason 2


As we age, the corners of the mouth sag along with sagging facial skin, loss of collagen and water, and relaxation of muscle and ligaments.

Reason 3

Habitual drooping of expression

Under various pressures, the corners of our mouths are in a tense state even when we are resting at night. After a long time, the muscles under the corners of the lips on both sides contract excessively, which naturally causes the corners of the mouth to pull down.

Then how to lift the corners of your mouth with Botulax?

1. Mild drooping of the corners of the mouth: injection into the depressor anguli muscle alone

The muscles around the mouth maintain the dynamic balance of the mouth and lips. To achieve the "smile lip" effect with the corners of the mouth raised, the balance of muscle strength above and below the corners of the mouth must be changed. The role of reducing the angle of the mouth, and the orbicularis oris muscle plays a role in overall balance.

2. Severe drooping of the corners of the mouth: combined injection of depressor angle or platysma muscle

The platysma is a broad lamellar muscle surrounded by its own layer of fascia above the cervical fascia, and the muscle below originates from two separate lamellae on the upper chest and associates with the fascia on the pectoralis and deltoid muscles It connects, walks anteriorly and medially, and eventually its fibers merge with the following muscles: masseter, depressor anguli, depressor lip, mentalis, laughing, and orbicularis oris.  

The injection dose is generally 20-40U/side.

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