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What Are things to do the Dos and Don'ts Before Botulinum Toxin ?

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What Are things to do the Dos and Don'ts Before Botulinum Toxin ?

Botulinum Toxin has become increasingly popular in recent years as a non-surgical treatment option for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Before you schedule your appointment, there are important things you should know and do to ensure you are fully prepared for the procedure.

Proper preparation is essential when it comes to getting Botulinum Toxin . By taking the right steps beforehand, you can enhance the effectiveness of the treatment and minimize any potential risks or complications.

Whether you’re a first-timer or you’ve been getting Botulinum Toxin ® every few months for as long as you can remember, it’s always a good idea to refresh yourself on what you should and shouldn’t do around the time of your treatment.

While it’s difficult to truly stop your Botulinum Toxin from doing its job, making common mistakes (like going out for a drink right afterwards) can prompt unnecessary side effects, like swelling and bruising. To help you maximize your results, we’re covering all the do’s and don’t before Botulinum Toxin , as well as some aftercare need-to-knows.

before Botulinum Toxin

Before Botulinum Toxin 

Choose the Right Provider

Who you choose as your provider may be the single most important factor in determining your results. Botulinum Toxin is an excellent product, if not the best on the beauty market, but it turns out best when administrated by someone with experience, skill, precision, and a clear understanding of facial anatomy.

When you choose our office, that’s exactly what you’ll get. You will be in the hands of an expert who knows how and where to administer your injections so that you look natural, well-rested, and more youthful.

things to do before Botulinum Toxin

Select Your Doctor Carefully

Although Botulinum Toxin is minimally invasive, you still need to ensure that you choose the best provider that you can as their skill, technique and experience will impact on the overall success of your procedure. Make sure you opt for someone who is board-certified and has positive reviews from previous patients. Find out how long they have been performing Botulinum Toxin injections and how much of their day to day practice involves this type of procedure.

Do Not Drink Wine For One Week Before Your Appointment

Botulinum Toxin can give you a more youthful appearance with results that look subtle and natural. While there’s no downtime after treatment, one factor may prevent you from benefiting from its effects as soon as possible: facial bruising.

Drinking wine—and consuming red wine in particular—can increase your chances of bruising following Botulinum Toxin . To avoid this, Walnut Creek patients should plan to give up wine for seven days before they come to see Dr. Manios.

Stop taking medication that can thin the blood - A week before you get Botulinum Toxin injections, stop taking: Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Exedrin, St. John's Wart, Vitamin E, Fish oil or Omega-3s, Ginko Bilboa, and Ginseng. This will minimize any potential post-Botulinum Toxin bruising. If you have to take pain medication, Tylenol is okay. Also, avoid drinking alcohol a few days before you get Botulinum Toxin .

Avoid Foods That Contain Garlic (And Consider Using Arnica)

Eating garlic can increase your chances of bruising after Botulinum Toxin . Walnut Creek patients should not consume food with garlic for seven days before their procedure.

While giving up garlic and other recommendations to this point have focused on what to avoid, there’s one remedy that Dr. Manios suggests Botulinum Toxin patients add to their routine. He advises patients to begin using arnica, a natural herb, to minimize bruising following treatment.

Don’t Eat Garlic or Foods that Contain Garlic

Garlic may also increase your chances of experiencing facial bruising after Botulinum Toxin . Most Botulinum Toxin surgeons in Montreal usually recommend that you give up garlic and replace it with arnica. Arnica is a natural herb that helps to minimize bruising following Botulinum Toxin treatment.

Don’t Take Medication That Can Thin Blood

There are certain medications known to thin blood, and it is recommended that you avoid these for at least a week leading up to a Botulinum Toxin injection. Some of these medications include those with fish oil, Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, Vitamin E, and Excedrin, among others. Avoiding these kinds of medication will minimize any possibility for post-Botulinum Toxin bruising.

Clean Your Face

To prep for Botulinum Toxin injections, you should ensure your face is clean beforehand. Your skin should be free of makeup, excess oil, moisturizers and dirt. Use a mild cleanser and water to wash your face, then gently pat it dry with a towel. Before your Botulinum Toxin ® injection, your injector will sanitize the treatment area with an antiseptic wipe and rubbing alcohol.


You would not be considered a candidate for Botulinum Toxin ® if you have any of the following:

  • Myasthenia Gravis

  • Allergy to Botulinum Toxin

  • Neuromuscular disorder

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Allergy to human albumin


Preparing for your Botulinum Toxin treatment is an essential step in maximizing the benefits and minimizing potential complications. By following the guidelines listed in this article, you can approach your Botulinum Toxin appointment with confidence and ensure a more successful experience.

Understanding the Botulinum Toxin procedure, including the injection before, empowers you to make informed decisions and feel more at ease during the treatment. Patience and realistic expectations are key to achieving your desired outcome.


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