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What do you think of Hylamuscu?

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Many people can't believe that there will be penis augmentation surgery in the world, because this surgery has not yet reached the popular level, so it is understandable that many people don't understand it. 

What do you think of Hylamuscu?

However, penis augmentation surgery does exist. It is a kind of genital plastic surgery. The operation process is very simple, and there is no harm or side effect to the human body. As long as the operation is successful, men's penis can be significantly larger and thicker, while it will not affect men's sexual function, so now many men with short penis will choose to go to the hospital for surgical treatment. This is called Hylamuscu.

What do you think of Hylamuscu?

Hylamuscu actually refers to injecting hyaluronic acid into a man's penis. It's a very simple operation, which does no harm to human health. You don't need to worry. Hyaluronic acid itself can be absorbed by the human body.

What do you think of Hylamuscu?

There's no difference between filling a man's penis with hyaluronic acid and filling his nose with hyaluronic acid. It's a very simple operation, There won't be any side effects.

What do you think of Hylamuscu?

During the operation, you must choose a reliable hospital. At the same time, patients also need to be psychologically prepared. After a few years, hyaluronic acid is absorbed, and the length of the penis will return to its original shape, so this operation is not permanent. About half a year or a year, you need to get a supplementary injection.

What do you think of Hylamuscu?



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