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what is Poly-L-lactic acid

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Devolux PLLA ( Poly-L-lactic acid ),PLLA stimulates the body's collagen regeneration. It is regenerative medicine.

what is Poly-L-lactic acid

Effectively improve facial depressions, wrinkles and other skin problems, and repair the lack of volume in breasts, buttocks and other parts. The raw material comes from corn, and is fermented to produce PLLA.

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Devolux is high quality and safe, It is biocompatible and can be safely degraded and metabolized out of the body. Rice-type microspheres have uniform particles with a diameter of 3-5μm. The best ingredient distribution ratio, higher stability, not easy to settle, no needle blocking.

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 The advantages of Devolux are exclusive rice type microsphere technology, larger contact area, better treatment effect and faster onset.

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With the continuous advancement of science and technology, medical beauty products are gradually accepted by more and more people, and our products are constantly being upgraded. Choose Devolux to safely and naturally become beautiful.






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