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What's the matter with stiff face after hyaluronic acid injection?

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Today I would like to introduce to you why the face is stiff after hyaluronic acid injection

The effect is naturally the most difficult of all beauty appeals. Now clients are beginning to pursue their own beauty methods, and gradually tend to have a recognizable personality beauty, so the question is, why do some people still have facial stiffness after hyaluronic acid injection? Why does this happen after hyaluronic acid? Here I want to focus on a very main concept - facial gaps

Facial space is actually very well understood. Usually, when we inject hyaluronic acid, the facial soft tissues involved include skin, subcutaneous tissue, SMAS, facial space, periosteum or deep fascia, a total of 5 layers of tissue. Among them, the facial gap of layer 4 is formed by loose connective tissue connecting different tissue layers, and important tissue structures are located outside the gap. Usually, if the dose of hyaluronic acid we inject into the periosteum or subcutaneous layer is too large, it will squeeze the space of these facial gaps, so when we make expressions, the muscles will be "stiff" and unable to laugh because the space for movement is blocked.

In addition, it is also possible that the filler is unavoidably driven into these gaps. If the filler in the gap is squeezed by the muscle for a long time, it may penetrate through the ligament and be displaced, which is visually manifested as a facial gully. Deepening and lengthening, if this occurs in the preseptal space, it can manifest as bulging.

The final overall injection effect of hyaluronic acid is actually determined by the doctor's injection technique, aesthetic concept and product performance. The stiff face we see that needs to be repaired is not just because of the problem of hyaluronic acid.

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Whats the matter with stiff face after hyaluronic acid injection






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