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Who is a candidate of skin booster

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Skin booster is more suitable for young people.

The biggest effect of skinboosters is to hydrate while reducing fine lines on the face, which is more suitable for young people. The main component of skinboosters is non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid (small molecule hyaluronic acid), which itself is a natural substance that constitutes the human body, almost no one will be allergic to this hyaluronic acid, in general, as long as they are not allergic to anesthesia, no special coagulation diseases can do skinboosters.

Of course, medical cosmetology is based on skin stability, if there is inflammation or full face acne, then it is necessary to repair the inflammation and then treat.

For people with sensitive skin, skinboosters are not suitable. Skinbooster injections are not suitable during lactation and pregnancy. If it's just one or two acne ministers, avoid the acne area when doing it. If it is acne skin, skinboosters will make metabolism faster, allowing acne that is originally blocked in the skin to come out. If it is normal for a small amount, it does not need to be dealt with.  (buy skin booster online dermax)


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