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Our Dingmiao Technology first live broadcast

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Our first live broadcast

Hebei Dingmiao Technology Co.,Ltd conducted its first live broadcast on August 15th, Beijing time. In order to take care of foreign customers, we chose to start the live broadcast at 4 a.m. Beijing time. This is the beginning of a new phase of the company, and we will broadcast more and more live broadcasts from now on.

Our Dingmiao Technology first live broadcast (1)

Long preparation time

The live broadcast was prepared for at least two months. Because we haven't done a live broadcast before, we figured it out bit by bit by ourselves. We purchased live broadcast equipment, lights and tripods, TV sets and beauty beds for live broadcasts. An empty office was gradually built into a live broadcast room.

Our Dingmiao Technology first live broadcast (2)

Interaction between departments

The operation staff and sales staff have devoted a lot of time and energy to this live broadcast. The salesmen repeatedly screened the products used in the live broadcast and prepared the manuscripts for the live broadcast. In order to give customers a better viewing experience, they practiced repeatedly. Operators sign up for the exhibition, pay attention to various precautions, and accompany the business staff to deal with emergencies during the live broadcast. Different departments cooperate with each other to complete this live broadcast event together.

Our Dingmiao Technology first live broadcast (3)

Good product quality

The products recommended in this live broadcast are all high-quality products: YOUNSOFILL hyaluronic acid, Skin Whitening Injection, Liporase and Lipo Lab.YOUNSOFILL hyaluronic acid is our company's own brand, BD needle, glass needle tube, beautiful appearance, practical and safe. We have CE, ISO, KFDA certification. YOUNSOFILL hyaluronic acid has a large number of loyal customers in the United States and Europe.Skin Whitening needles, Liporase  and Lipo Lab are products of high concern.

In the future, we will gradually start to broadcast live on facebook and instagram. If you want to learn about our products, you can continue to pay attention.






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